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Distinguished and Famous people from Berry

Berry is a small town located in New South Wales, Australia. Despite its size, the town boasts a number of distinguished and famous individuals who have contributed to the development and success of the town. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the most notable personalities from Berry.

1. Stan Perron: Stan Perron was a successful businessman and philanthropist. He was born in Berry in 1922 and started working in his father’s fruit business. He soon expanded the business into the mining industry and became one of the wealthiest individuals in Australia. Perron was also known for his philanthropic work and donated generously to a number of charitable causes. He passed away in 2018 at the age of 96.

2. Paddy O'Reilly: Paddy O'Reilly was a famous Australian boxer who was born in Berry in 1897. He had a successful career in the ring, winning the Australian lightweight title in 1921. O'Reilly was known for his relentless fighting style and was often referred to as the "ring terror". He passed away in 1961.

3. Lillian May Lowe: Lillian May Lowe was an Australian artist who was born in Berry in 1898. She was known for her watercolour paintings of rural life and landscapes. She studied art in Sydney and London and won a number of awards for her work. Some of her paintings are still on display in galleries across Australia.

4. Mark Ella: Mark Ella was a famous Australian rugby player who was born in Berry in 1959. He played for the Wallabies between 1980 and 1984 and was known for his excellent ball-handling skills and kicking abilities. He was named the best rugby player in the world in 1984. After retiring from rugby, Ella worked as a sports commentator.

5. Annette Kellerman: Annette Kellerman was a famous Australian swimmer who was born in Marrickville, New South Wales, but spent some time in Berry. She was known for her pioneering work in synchronized swimming and underwater ballet. Kellerman also worked as a model and actress and appeared in a number of Hollywood films. She passed away in 1975.

6. Ted Egan: Ted Egan is a famous Australian folk singer who was born in Coburg, Victoria, but has lived in Berry for many years. He is known for his songs about Australian history and culture and has released a number of successful albums over the course of his career. Egan has also worked as a politician and held a number of positions in the Northern Territory government.

7. Elsie Barwick: Elsie Barwick was an Australian artist who was born in Berry in 1863. She worked in a variety of mediums, including watercolour, pastels, and oils. Barwick was known for her portraits of children and her depictions of rural life. She passed away in 1934.

These are just some of the distinguished and famous people from the town of Berry in New South Wales, Australia. Despite being a small town, the contributions of these individuals have helped put Berry on the map and ensured its place in Australian history and culture.

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